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Handpicked in location, Ambassador products offer first-class quality, purity, and performance CBD products without the inflated price tag. Our full-spectrum CBD products purposefully deviate from traditional methods of CBD formulation. We select only suppliers who are passionate about quality and operate in geographical regions with the most optimal environmental conditions – including soil, annual rainfall, average temperature, sunlight amount, and elevation. The result? A single-origin product that can never be replicated inside a laboratory.

Each batch then undergoes stringent, repeated third-party testing, ensuring you experience a product that’s free of all chemicals while delivering on its promise of potency and optimum performance.

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A Focus on Quality

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Our oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant, including the flower, to create the most complete product with a full compliment of terpenes and cannabinoids, for maximum benefit.
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Includes all parts of components of the plant including multiple terpenes and cannabinoids to create the full entourage effect giving our customers the maximum benefit.
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Our products are free of harmful pesticides or contaminants, which is beneficial for our customers as well as the environment.
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Stringent layers of testing using ISO-accredited labs ensure our products are pure, our labeling is accurate, and that our premium products are just that – Premium.

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