About Us


That may sound cliché, but life really is about experiences and living the best possible life – each and every day.

Our founder, James Brobyn,  is a combat veteran who understands and has unfortunately seen firsthand how short life can be. He uses that past experience as motivation to focus on things he enjoys and help others live their best possible lives.

In 2019, James noticed many veterans were using cannabis and CBD oil as an alternative to pharmaceuticals but were frustrated by the lack of access to clean pharmaceutical-grade, organic cannabinol products.

The search was on for a departure from the typical CBD ingredients to only the purest, best CBD ingredients that could be sourced. He ultimately landed on the climate-rich regions of Jamaica and Colombia.

The Ambassador product line.

Ambassador represents purity without the high price tag. Using only premium natural ingredients from hand-picked, prime cannabis-growing regions, the Ambassador product line features full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures becoming well-known for its quality and dependability. We leverage multiple suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of premium quality ingredients for retailers and manufacturers – and most importantly, our customers.

Today, Ambassador CBD works with multiple suppliers to ensure there is a consistent supply of premium ingredients, making our company the “Ambassador” to quality and dependability for retailers, manufacturers, and customers.

Where our path to premium ingredients began.

Jamaica and Colombia mean the world to us. This is where our dedicated local farmers and suppliers stay true to their craft: harvesting our CBD ingredients the way we always intended. These craftsmen have an intimate understanding of their craft, and a desire to create the very best CBD product possible through growing and cultivating the best CBD ingredients. Through their process – a combination of expertise, skill and ambition – gives our Ambassador product line its unique quality.


The sunshine, continuous. The soil, fertile. The climate, perpetually perfect. Few places offer such a conducive combination of growing conditions quite like Jamaica. In fact, they come together to create a unique expression of the plant, which forms the basis for our premium products. So not only do our plants reap the benefits of this bountiful part of the world – the same can be said for our customers.


Colombia reaps the rewards of its prime position near the equator. This soil-rich region perennially produces multiple cannabis growing seasons, offering a consistent and dependable supply. Its ideal climate is also conducive for providing a premium product that is organic, full-spectrum and free of other contaminants.