Ambassador Flight Box


New to CBD oil? Not sure which oil works best for you? Just want to try something new without buying a full tincture bottle? Ambassador CBD has created a sampler box so you can try multiple concentrations without breaking the bank. We realize that needs vary from person to person. Try our tincture 'flight' to see which one best fits your needs. Each flight contains (4) 2mL vials of a variety of oils. The concentrations included in the flight box vary by origin, concentration, and flavor profiles, but all can be used for increased concentration and stress management.

Included in the flight:

  • Rionegro 33mg/mL - Rionegro contains elevated cannabis flavor and a high terpene content to guide you down a path of lower, more manageable stress and anxiety levels.
  • Medellin 75mg/mL - Medellin’s mild taste makes this an easy additive to your wellness routine.
  • Trelawny 33mg/mL - Made with a THC-Free broad-spectrum distillate, Trelawny’s mild taste makes it a great option for those new to CBD oil.
  • Valor Craft 100mg/mL - Valor Craft is a blended, full-spectrum oil rich in multiple terpenes. Ease anxiety, improve focus and calm your mind so you can get a better night's sleep.