The Best CBD Holiday Gift Guide: The Benefits

The Best CBD Holiday Gift Guide: The Benefits

Dec 17th 2021

As the holidays approach, so do the last minute frenzies. While the holiday season is joyful, it can also be chaotic, especially in this day in age trying to navigate out of a post-COVID world in hopes of achieving normalcy. Not to mention the usual shopping, hosting, decorating, and organizing of holiday festivities. Most of us struggle to find the perfect gift for our family, friends, or loved ones. If you’re unsure of what to give to your family members, use this year to opt for something that is natural, but also soothing. You can’t go wrong with the gift of self-care.

Using CBD products can sometimes allow you to better appreciate the excitement that comes with the holidays, and making others happy. This year, our team at Ambassador CBD has put together the ultimate CBD holiday gift guide to create easy access to a variety of products perfect for the holiday season.

Unique CBD Gifts

It’s always a hassle to find the perfect gifts for everyone. This is your chance to get unique! Enjoy premium CBD products sourced near the equator where cannabis is best grown. Much like coffee from Colombia, pineapples from Hawaii, and potatoes from Idaho, some crops are best grown in a specific region. Cannabis is no different. Ambassador serves as the liaison to these regions and celebrates their unique beauty, customs, and culture. We select only suppliers who are passionate about quality and operate in geographical regions with the most optimal environmental conditions to create a single-origin product that can never be replicated inside a laboratory. Discover our unique Ambassador CBD products in our 2021 CBD holiday gift guide.

USDA Organic CBD Gifts

All our CBD oil products are formulated using only the purest ingredients and guaranteed to be free of chemicals, fillers, or any artificial additives. Each batch then undergoes stringent, repeated third-party testing, ensuring you experience a product that’s free of all chemicals while delivering on its promise of potency and optimum performance. Find our USDA Organic CBD oils via our Holiday Gift Guide.

CBD Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are usually the final gift-giving piece of the holiday puzzle. We always suggest collecting little nick-knacks throughout the year to evenly distribute come this time of year. But for those who do all their shopping last minute, we’ve created the perfect stocking stuffer with a variety of our favorite CBD oils. Did you know that 40% of holiday shopping happens 10 days before Christmas? This is also the time that gift guides come in handy most, allowing you to quickly find easy gifts to check off the rest of the list! Use our CBD holiday gift guide to find the perfect stocking stuffers and get an exclusive BOGO code valid only during the holiday season.

CBD For Dogs

Everyone wants their pets to live a long healthy life and that is why we pet owners seek the all-around best products for our dog companions. We’ve noticed that pet owners tend to have common interests when it comes to encouraging more natural and healthy products into their pets’ routines and diets. What humans and dogs have in common is the presence of the endocannabinoid system. This system has a direct impact on your brain, skin, heart, eyes, and your mood! Find the pawfect gift for your dog!

Topical CBD Gifts

Many of us use a topical product in our daily routine, making this a perfect gift for all adult family members. Whether it’s facial skincare products, body moisturizing products, or pain-relieving topical products, we all use them for a reason. Topicals can become one of the easiest on-the go methods to eliminate discomforts throughout your daily routine. Browse our favorite Ambassador topical packed with all the lucrative ingredients to provide that inner and outer glow of happiness while allowing you to experience all the memories and festivities of the holiday season.

THC Free Gifts

We understand that some people are not open to or allowed to consume full-spectrum products that may have trace amounts of THC, whether it’s due to their personal preference or their employment circumstance. In efforts not to leave out those who can’t consume those types of products, we have listed our favorite THC free CBD products. These products are guaranteed broad-spectrum and THC free, with easy access to a certificate of analysis for each product so you know exactly what is and isn’t in it.

Gifts That Give Back

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience all the traditions of the holidays due to financial or physical hardships. But thankfully communities all around the world have come together for generations to share what they have during these times of the year in hopes that everyone would get to experience a piece of holiday spirit. In our efforts to give back, we have partnered with Sierra Delta, giving 50% of all proceeds from our Valor Craft products to provide lifelong K9 companions to Veterans with all types of disabilities. Find our gifts that give back in our gift guide.

Purchasing Premium CBD Products For The Holidays

If you’re looking to get your hands on high-quality CBD products for the holiday season, our team at Ambassador CBD has you covered. Get a look at our CBD holiday gift guide to find all your favorite products and an exclusive BOGO code valid only during the holiday season!

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