The Fibers That Make Our Company American

The Fibers That Make Our Company American

Nov 11th 2021

Ambassador CBD is changing the landscape for coveted CBD products and product quality. Our company takes great pride in sourcing its pure CBD oil from the most optimal growing regions of Colombia and Jamaica. Our business was founded by former US marine and purple heart recipient, James Brobyn. Brobyn used his tough life experiences to create something that exceeds traditional holistic approaches for former veterans and civilians; Cost-effective pure CBD oil that can benefit the daily routines of many.

As we’ve discussed in other posts, the popularity of CBD oil is continuing to soar, which has made for a diverse, but loyal clientele. We are pleased with the foundation we’ve built for our business and we’re only getting started. Let’s assess the fibers that have made our American company so unique when it comes to the impact in the community and the appreciation for the levels of mutual support and camaraderie that’s been established.

History of Ambassador CBD: Founded with American Principals

James Brobyn was very aware of what was going on in the CBD marketplace and his passion for change brought Ambassador CBD to the spotlight. Many veterans were using cannabis in place of pharmaceuticals, but this was the furthest thing from a perfect system. Customers were growing concerned and frustrated as the quality and efficacy of these products were coming into question. Upon learning this, James conducted his own research to determine which areas would provide the highest quality grown cannabis and be ideal to get imports from. This really solidified the company’s dedication to operating on American principles by putting consumer needs at the forefront of the business.

In conclusion, Jamaica and Colombia were the most climate-rich regions, which paved the way for Ambassador CBD to secure a partnership and source high-quality ingredients for its CBD products. Brobyn has been in the industry since 2016 but founded the company in 2018. The company headquarters are situated in Wilmington, Delaware, extending operations into other states like Missouri, Michigan, and the countries that import the products. Our team supplies ingredients to manufacturers that want to infuse products with premium CBD. You can read more about our process here, to better understand how everything is formulated and distributed.

Giving Back: The Sierra Delta Non-Profit & The Impact of CBD For Veterans

Our company is dedicated to giving back to the community. Because of our innate passion to better serve the community, 50% of profits from our Valor Craft product line supports the non-profit organization, Sierra Delta. The initiative was founded by a wounded veteran and their mission is to provide trained canines (life companions) to veterans, including buddies for those with disabilities. The main goal of this project is to help veterans re-engage in everyday life while feeling empowered through the love and companionship of a dog.

The philanthropic efforts from our dedicated team are just the tip of the iceberg. We stand by our commitments to support the communities benefiting from clean and honest CBD products, with a goal of eliminating the stigma associated with cannabis. The soothing feelings and beneficial properties of cannabis have piqued the interest of those who are looking to holistically enhance their daily lives, and businesses will need to adapt to adhere to these looming demands.

Unfortunately, many former military personnel struggle with PTSD to some extent. The emotional and physical toll it takes on the community is common awareness at this point. While PTSD affects many people, statistically veterans deal with it on a larger scale. The mental and emotional hindrances of these Veterans affect the people around them also, which is why we've built communities, safe spaces, and alternative natural products to help support everyone in need.

It’s been reported by the US Department of Veteran Affairs that 20% of veterans who served in Iraq and 15% of those who served in Vietnam, suffer from PTSD. While you can certainly go down the conventional pharma route for dealing with PTSD, it’s a matter of personal preference and you should always coordinate with your primary care physician regarding your overall health and wellness. The veteran community and many other individuals are shifting away from the dependency on the pharmaceutical industry, in favor of more authentic and cathartic methods for unwinding and relieving discomforts Despite the saturated market of unregulated CBD products, you can find companies like ours who are transparent throughout the entire production process and go through extensive efforts to provide cannabis products that are pure, dependable, and tracked from seed to sale.

CBD Products & The Continued Efforts of Ambassador CBD

Now that you’ve garnered a greater appreciation for our organization and dedication to the community, we welcome you to explore our online shop and learn more about our company's intentions to serve you. For any additional information on our products, services, or philanthropy, you can contact us.