Welcome to the Embassy.

Welcome to the Embassy.

Jan 13th 2021

Thanks for joining us on our departure. As the official Ambassador blog headquarters, the Embassy is where you can follow where our journey first began, and how we arrived at our single-origin selection of Ambassador CBD products.

Our founder, James Brobyn, has taken calculated steps at every turn of our journey to ensure our customers experience a health and wellness alternative in its purest form. It’s taken us above and beyond the traditional methods of CBD product manufacturing and production, to climate-rich regions where ingredients are nurtured naturally under perpetual sun and ideal temperatures, and harvested by people who share in our passion for producing premium full-spectrum CBD oils.

The result is a product line we couldn’t be prouder to present to you, to help improve your day-to-day in the purest way.

Here at the Embassy, this is where we’ll keep you up to date on all things Ambassador, as well as the CBD industry in general.

Which Ambassador product potency works best for you? How long before it takes effect? What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? How can you use cannabis to its fullest potential (the Entourage Effect)? These are just a few topics of many we intend to cover

For now, we want to say thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to taking you through more of our journey very soon.