Full Spectrum Blended CBD


100mg/mL CBD bountiful benefits

The team at Valor Craft has created a line of CBD products with multiple benefits.

Our premium CBD oil benefits the person taking CBD with a full-spectrum oil that is rich in multiple terpenes. CBD is taken by many to help ease anxiety, improve focus and calm their minds to sleep better. This full-spectrum oil is concentrated to 100mg of CBD per dropper(ml) to deliver the full entourage effect.

The benefits are also shared with others. 50% of the profits from the sale of all Valor Craft CBD products are donated to Sierra Delta, a charity helping Veterans own and train service dogs to help them reengage in everyday life. Check out this amazing organization. Sierra Delta

Color:  Dark Honey Color
Taste: Pronounced cannabis flavor
Texture: Smooth
Appearance: Cloudy, unfiltered
Aroma:  Pungent cannabis, hints of citrus
Best for:  Increased focus/stress management

Available in:

100 mg/ml
Increased focus/stress management