Learn About CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Although found in many other plants, CBD occurs in higher concentrations in the Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) plant. CBD is just one of the over 113 cannabinoids found in hemp and is known for its therapeutic and healing properties, but without the THC mind-altering effects or “high” for the person using it.

Taking hemp-derived CBD is similar to the support provided by daily vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, and plants. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate things like your appetite, stress levels, energy, sleep, and even more processes central to your well-being, which is why millions of people go the route of CBD to safely supplement their daily wellness routine.

And although cannabinoids like CBD are abundant in hemp, our bodies continually make their own cannabinoids that are released when we perform any positive, wellness-related activity. Long runs. Nature walks. Meditation. Even singing to your favorite song while driving. And when life doesn’t allow you the freedom to take part in these “feel-good” activities, that’s what CBD is there for – to help support your ECS and keep you on schedule with your daily wellness routine.