Our Process

How wellness comes naturally.
Our Ambassador CBD oil products are formulated using only the purest ingredients, and guaranteed to be free of chemicals, fillers, or any artificial additives. Our products are grown outdoors on organic cannabis farms in optimal environments. We offer multiple distillation methods and easy access to a certificate of analysis for each product so you know exactly what is and isn't in it.
This road-less-traveled approach ensures the overall wellness you’re seeking comes naturally.

From the Ground Up

We embrace our down-to-earth culture, which explains why we roll up our sleeves and start from the ground up.

Naturally Pure

Only organic farming practices are followed by our suppliers to deliver the purest product possible.

The Perfect Mix

It’s only natural that using the highest-quality ingredients and processes yield the highest-quality products.

Thoughtfully Processed

We hold our suppliers to the same level of standard we hold ourselves.

Tirelessly Testing Method

Products are tested multiple times before they leave our facilities.

Trust But Verify

Our disciplined testing methods are a byproduct of our ownership’s proudmilitary background.