THC-Free CBD Oil


50mg/mL T-Free CBD Oil

Sometimes you want the benefits of CBD, but you need an oil without any THC.

There are some of us who prefer or need an oil with no THC*, and for us there’s the Valor Craft T-Free oil. This premium broad-spectrum oil imported from Jamaica is grown using organic farming practices and the highest processing standards.

Color: Clear yellow
Taste: Slightly bitter w/spicy aftertaste
Texture: Viscous, oil-like, free-flowing
Appearance: Honey color with high clarity
Aroma:  Mildly bitter
General: Broad-spectrum distillate
Best for: Stress management/pain relief

*The free claim means that analysis has shown no detection at the most sensitive practical analytical limit available (typically 0.01%)

Available in:

50 mg/ml
Stress management/pain relief